Instructie en korte tutorials

Blizzard Active +

Great-Lion Blizzard Active + is a powerful formula specially developed for the thorought cleaning for all vehicles. This product is unique due to its sophisticated composition and quality ingredients hence its strong cleaning power.

Ambition Car Polish

Great-lion Ambition Car Polish (autowax) - Geeft doffe auto’s hun stalende uiterlijk terug - Ultieme kwaliteit met het beste eindresultaat - Eindresultaat zonder strepen - Langdurig resultaat - Voor alle soorten lak - Maakt uw lak water- en vuilafstotend - 100% swirlvrij - Universeel toepasbaar (geen vlekken op kunststof, glas, chroom en hard rubber)

Non scratch polishing bal

How to polish your alcoa / aluminum rim the easy way. Use an non scratch polishing ball and Great-Lion metal polish for a fast result. This ball is developed for removing oxidation. for the real mirror shine use an cotton polishing ball after using the non scratch.

Tire Dressing

This is a video of our Tire Dressing. Our Tire Dressing makes the tires really black. A positive point, the product is not greasy, and easy spreadable.

Bleeding Wheel Cleaner

In this video we clean the tires and rims of a Volkswagen Tiguan. We use our Bleeding wheel cleaner and the tire dressing. The working of both products is really good to see in the video.

Wheel Cleaner PH neutral

This wheel cleaner is concentrated and can be used for every type of rim. Polished, coated, chromed, etc... When using on your rim it will turn red / purple. this is the moment that this product is doing his work.