Product video's

Wheel Cleaner PH neutral

This wheel cleaner is concentrated and can be used for every type of rim. Polished, coated, chromed, etc… When using on your rim it will turn red / purple. this is the moment that this product is doing his work.

Non scratch polishing ball

How to polish your wheels the fast way to an mirror shine. Use an coton ball with Great Lion Metal Polish for an quick result.

Tire Dressing

This is a video of our Tire Dressing. Our Tire Dressing makes the tires really black. A positive point, the product is not greasy, and easy spreadable.


Big truck event Asten

This video was filmed at a big event in the Netherlands. There were a lot of really nice trucks. We also stand here with our products.

Show Kortrijk België

This was a show in Belgium. The owner of this car used our products for his car that was standing on the show. He was very happy with the result of the products.