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    Great Lion Ultra Cotton Ball, how to polish your alcoa rims

    How to polish your wheels the fast way to an mirror shine. Use an coton ball with Great Lion Metal Polish for an quick result.

    Great Lion Non scratch white polishing bal for metal polish.

    How to polish your alcoa / aluminum rim the easy way. Use an non scratch polishing ball and Great-Lion metal polish for a fast result. This ball is developed for removing oxidation. for the real mirror shine use an cotton polishing ball after using the non scratch.

    Great Lion Metal Polish for easy polishing aluminum, How to polish aluminium

    Always wanted to bring your aluminium to that ultimate shine. Just use the right tools and right metal polish. you will reach an mirror shine finish in seconds with an protective coat. See this video how to polish aluminium.

    Great Lion Wheel Cleaner PH neutral

    This wheel cleaner is concentrated and can be used for every type of rim. Polished, coated, chromed, etc… When using on your rim it will turn red / purple. this is the moment that this product is doing his work.

    Maxi Swipe easy drying your car

    With this Maxi swipe it’s never been easier to dry your car. Just take the swipe a few times over your car and you’re done.

    Movie Great Lion Maxi Swipe

    It is never bin so easy to dry your car in seconds. Just do a quick wipe on your wet car and your done, see the movie for the results.

    Great Lion cotton polishing ball

    With this cotton polishing ball it is really easy to polish your aluminium alcoa rims to an high gloss shine. Polishing with this cotton ball will save you lots of time.

    Great Lion wheel cleaner promo movie

    Great Lion Wheel cleaner is acid free and therefore really suitable for polished, painted and traditional wheels. This product is very concentrated and works quick and easy.

    Great Lion Metal polish promotion video

    The easiest and quickest metal polish with an mirror shine result. Apply by hand with an microfiber cloth. Easy to use on Alcoa wheel, aluminium fuel tank, diamond plate, gold, silver, stainless steel etc..

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